Welcome to SkillzBot - the easiest way to figure out who knows what in your Slack team.

Install Skillzbot in your team

There is more and more research that tout the benefit of harnessing the intelligence in any size organization. Each member has a multitude of experience and knowledge that can contribute to the overall growth of the team. Using skillzbot will enable your team to tap into that resource. Each member identifies skills or knowledge that they feel comfortable with helping someone with and they rate that skill between 1 and 10 to give an indication of their expertise. Other members can then come and find folks with that skill and get in contact for help. Members can also indicate skills or knowledge they would like to know more about provides a simple way to connect people that can help each other. 

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Updated December 1st 2017

  • Added Graphs! Type Top graphs to see the options
  • Changed list to group skills by alpha
  • Added Search and Searchx - Search for skills on your team

Example Graphs!

Who knows what?

A simple Slack bot is our answer to that question. Using only 3 commands your company or group can instantly start to leverage untapped organizational intelligence. The bot is button driven to ensure adoption is a breeze. Your team members can add skills they have and are willing to help others with and self rate the skill between 1 and 10. Other members can then look at the skill list if they have a need or want to get to know something better. If the skill is not available users can let skillzbot know that there are skills in need.

Trudy and Peter Johnson-Lenz, "Groupware: Orchestrating the Emergence of Collective Intelligence"

How to use skillzbot

Once you have installed the application into your Slack team simply type hi and that will get you started. The bot responds to any input.

Search for knowledge

Search any skills that have been added to the team

As members add their individual skills and knowledge the teams bank of skills will grow. The ranking is the overall team average for that skill. To find the members that added the skill simply click the skill and a list will be provided.

Help someone learn

Find a list of skills that members need.

This is a list of skills from team members that have indicated that would like to know more about. To find members that have asked for knowledge simply click the skill from the list.

Add your knowledge

Easily add your skills and specific knowledge to the team

Type add excel 6 or add accounts receivable 4 and the bot will add those skills to the team for other to find. Each skill is self rated between 1(novice) to 10(wizard,ninja, master). Typing add excel 0 would remove excel.

Ask for knowledge

Easily let team mates know you would like to learn more about a skill

Type need excel or need fitness education and skillzbot will add it to the list of skills team members are looking to learn more about. Typing need excel again would remove it.

Charles Darwin


Skillzbot will never sell an individuals data. Skillzbot collects a very limited set of information from users and if you want your team to be deleted just let us know at admin@skillzbot.com. Skillzbot is free to use.

Who created this

My name is Ryan Deeds. Ive been a corporate IT manager for the past 15 years and one of the common issues I see is an unawareness of who has what skill and who is willing to help. With that thought in mind SkillzBot is birthed.